Our Garnacha

The Garnacha is our greatest asset, with plantations in many cases exceeding 50 years, called “Old Vines”.

Our wines

The range is very wide and describe highlighting the most typical red wines made with Garnacha

Our wineries

The wineries with more than 250 years old were excavated by hand and oriented north to keep temperature and humidity.

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Our Wineries
Bodegas S.A.T. Niño Jesús
Bodegas San Alejandro
Bodegas Augusta Bílbilis
Bodegas Ángel Luis Pablo Uriol
Espacio Lugus
Bodega Colás Viticultores
Bodegas Guerrero Sebastián
Bodegas Langa
Bodegas Ateca
Bodegas San Gregorio
Bodegas Castillo de Maluenda
Bodegas Breca
Bodegas Esteban Castejón