Bodegas Agustín Cubero

Founded in 1881, it is now directed by the fourth generation, at present it counts on modern premises in Calatayud.

From 1940 onwards, has had at its disposal vineyards with varieties of garnacha cultivated en vaso at an average altitude of 900 meters, in soils of slate and red clay, it also possesses varieties of shiraz, tempranillo and macabeo

We harvest the first week of October, in boxes of 18 kilograms, cold storage and grape selection tables. Cold soaking, fermentation at controlled temperatures in vats of 5,000 to 10,000 litres, the slate grape being separated from the red clay grape.


Polígono la Charluca, nave 1
50300 Calatayud (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 882 332 · Fax 976 887 512

  • Castillo del mago
  • Unus
  • Stylo
  • Altaya

Bodegas Ángel Luis Pablo Uriol (Valdepablo)

The origins of Bodegas Valdepablo rise up in 1928 in Calatayud, Zaragoza when Juan Manuel Pablo founded the winery and in this way commenced the journey of a family bound to the world of wine.

Since then, the Pablo family, generation after generation, have been passing on the secrets of their wine making process and their love of wine.

Bodegas Valdepablo continues to be a family business, a business that has known how to combine tradition and modernity, which together with their vision of the future, has led them to commercialize their products throughout the world.


Camino de Calatayud, s/n
50293 Terrer (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 898 400 · Fax 976 898 401

  • Alerre
  • Dom Yago
  • Señorío San Vicen

Bodegas Ateca

Bodegas Ateca has its operational base in Ateca, 14 kilometres form Calatayud.

The vineyard, planted on slate on the highest slopes in the area, is made up fundamentally of small plots of old vines of the garnacha variety (some from the beginning of the 20th Century) and is situated on the sides of the Ateca mountains and the surrounding villages.

The wines from the Bodegas Ateca are thanks to a miniscule work in the selection of grape, with criteria of an analytical quality, stemming from harvesting just at the right moment of ripeness.


Carretera Nacional II, km 221
50220 Ateca (Zaragoza)
Tel. 629 261 379

  • Atteca
  • Atteca Armas
  • Honoro Vera Garnacha

Bodegas Augusta Bílbilis

A small winery where around 20,000 Kg of grape is elaborated from the omnipresent variety, garnacha, beginning a process which sees the recovery of really old vineyards of between 45 and 100 years old, on poor soils that due to their low production yield were once condemned to disappear. A traditional mountain viticulture.

The winery is a traditional winery with few barrels and a rudimentary press and innox and concrete vats. It is the use of gravity in the movement of the wine, employing for this lunar cycles that make the process stand out from the rest.

The temperature control in the cellar is natural, without the use of energy, the soaking being carried out at a depth of 15 meters below ground level.


Carramiedes, s/n.
50331 Mara (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 892 440

  • Samitier

Bodegas Breca

One of the most recent and ambitious projects from the Spanish Wine maker Jorge Ordóñez, the winery is situated in the historic town of Munébrega, only 15 km from the monastery, Monasterio de Piedra.

His emblematic brand Breca is made using Garnacha vines almost 100 years old on slate soils at between 700 and 1,000 meters high. The vineyards are found in Munébrega and the surrounding towns, in a privileged community between the mountain ranges, Sierra de Pardos and Sierra de Peña Blanca. Breca’s quality is thanks to a painstaking selection of the old Garnacha and a traditional and careful fermentation.


Ctra. Monasterio de Piedra, s/n
50219 Munébrega (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 895 071 · Fax 976 895 071

  • Breca

Bodega Colás Viticultores

Winery founded in 2012 by the Colás family, 5th generation of vine growers in the town of Alhama de Aragon. Colás Viticultores make multi-terroir wines, from varieties of Garnacha, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, exclusively from their own vineyard in the setting “Las Cobatillas” in Alhama de Aragon.

This type of ecological vine growing, and the low yields in the vineyard is the foundation for making wines with a sense of place, expressive, harmonic, and which express all the potential of the wines from Alhama de Aragon.


Lanuza 28
50230 Alhama de Aragón (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 840 062

  • Roque Colás

Bodegas Esteban Castejón

Traditional making in constant evolution.

For more than seventy years, Bodegas Esteban Castejón have been making wines following traditional methods at every stage of production, from the cultivation of the vines, to the maturing and aging of the wines in barrels.

Only in this way, with a respect for the knowledge transmitted through our history, is it possible to obtain the maximum quality in our wines.


C. Portada 13
50236 Ibdes (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 848 031 · Fax 976 848 031

  • Tranquera

Bodegas Guerrero Sebastián

Wine made from grapes form vines of more than 50 years old.

Intense cherry red and high layer with light garnet on the edges. On the nose come out spiced aromas, toasted and vanilla from the wood, combined with fruits of the forest. On the mouth it is balanced and silky. It has a lot of volume and the tannin is polished. In retronasal, aromas of wood and fruit with good intensity come to the fore anew. The aftertaste is very long.


Ctra. Daroca, 6
50347 Acered (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 896 704 · Fax 976 896 704

  • Azeré

Bodegas Langa Hnos. S.L.

One of the best and most advanced wineries of the Denominación de Origen can be found in the safety of the Sierra de la Vicor. The this family’s policy is to shy away from the monstrous cooperatives and line itself up with the small winery or chateau, which opt more for quality than quantity.

The Langa family today possesses more than 50 hectares of vineyard holding the Ecological Agriculture Certificate. The vineyards are distributed between two plantations with two completely different climates, giving a great variability in aroma.


Ctra. Nacional II, Km. 241, 700
50300 Calatayud (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 881 818 · Fax 976 884 463

  • Langa
  • Reyes de Aragón

Bodegas Niño Jesús

The SAT 2563 Niño Jesus, created in 1978 in Aniñón, is dedicated to producing quality wines in the denominación de origen Calatayud. With red grapes, the principle variety is the garnacha, and with white grapes it is the macabeo.

The vineyards, situated at an altitude of between 650 and 880m with marked differences in temperature between the day and night and with scarce rainfall on slate soil, mean we obtain wines of great quality. The introduction of modern installations combined with our grapes, mean we can produce wines which adapt to the demands of the modern consumer, and always under the parameters of control, at every level; selection, hygiene and cleanliness.


C. Las Tablas s/n
50313 Aniñón (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 899 150 · Fax 976 896 160

  • Estecillo
  • Legado
  • Cuatro sendas

Bodegas San Alejandro

Founded in 1962 on an area of about 1,000 hectares, the bodega is found in Miedes 88km southeast of Zaragoza.

With a clear spirit to export the winery is made up of a young and dynamic team and it sells to more than 25 countries, 95% of its product under different brand names, principally, Baltasar Gracián, Las Rocas, Viñas de Miedes y Evodia.

Its vineyards of old vines situated in the highest altitudes of Spain, on rocky soils with a high slate content, poor in nutrients and with little access to water, are some of the latest to bear fruit in all Europe.


Ctra. Calatayud-Cariñena, km 16,4
50330 Miedes de Aragón (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 892 205 · Fax 976 890 540

  • Baltasar Gracián
  • Viñas de Miedes
  • Las Rocas

Bodegas San Gregorio

The Bodega San Gregorio was founded in 1965 in Cervera de la Cañada and belongs to the Denominación de Origen de Calatayud. In this region, situated on the foothills of the Iberian mountain system, is where we select the best grapes of the Ribota Valley, the most westerly area of the denominación.

San Gregoria uses grapes, which come from over 900 hectares of its own vineyards belonging to over 250 joint owners who make up the cooperative. Approximately half of the said vineyards are made up of plantations of garnacha en vaso with an average age that is over 40 years. Our second most important variey is Tempranillo. Recently, varieties of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon have been introduced, and have adapted well to the terrain and climate of the area.


Ctra. de Villaluenga, s/n
50312 Cervera de la Cañada (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 899 206 · Fax 976 896 240

  • Armantes
  • Tres Ojos

Bodegas Raíces Ibéricas


Avda. del Mudéjar, 61
50340 Maluenda. Zaragoza
Tel. 976 893 017 · Fax 976 546 969

Bodegas Virgen de la Sierra

Bodega Cooperativa Virgen de la Sierra has the honour of being one of the first Cooperatives in Aragon. Founded in 1954, and through the efforts of many, a building was raised which would not only represent a desire to work and achieve, it would represent the entrepreneurial spirit to do something new, something different…

This spirit is what we would like to transmit: growers with a desire to look forward, professionals who take note of the market and can give that touch of distinction to our wine…

At the present moment in time, almost 70% of our production is destined for North America, Europe and Asia.


Avda. de la Cooperativa 21-23
50310 Villarroya de la Sierra (Zaragoza)
Tel. 976 899 015 · Fax 976 899 132

  • Cruz de Piedra
  • Albada